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November 2018

— I wondered why people wrote huge functions. I didn't notice that he wants a single iteration


HI! How i get info about how many memory use my code? i have list from generator and itertool.product, itertools.product slower, but how can I find out the amount of memory for each operations?

— Guys I am new to this group and I don't know much about python can any1 send me a python files to learn python

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— Read. the. pinned. post. for. fucks. sake.

— Hello to everyone is it possible to learn python in two three months, sorry for disturbing

— Yes

— Thank you

— Hello everybody, I am finding crawler expert, I will pay, plz contact me.

— Please head to the offtopic group for this pythonofftopic

— print("read the pinned post")

— Read rules for code sharing

— Ill warn you nextime