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November 2018

— If you can't evenndownpo the interpreter you don't have a bright future ahead of you


Pss, guys who are interested in remote and long-term employment with a stack of -Django, Angular2 + / ReactJS, Vue.js?
Write me.
All peace✌️

— Any good resource for lib curses with python3... Article, book? Not lib UniCurses.

— pythonres

— Guys can i use python for machine learning by only knowing the basics?

— Learning not only the basics

— Begin with math

— Python math or school math?

— Higher mathematics

— It's gonna be like you want to cook the most tasty food only knowing how to cook rice 🤷🏻‍♂

— Like what topics?

— I am trying to measure distance 2 diffent point , its working but ı dont want to put a referance object into the image. I use color filtering to detect which point I have to detect ,And some times it gives noisy result that effect result

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