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November 2018

— You have installed pyqt into the virtualenv, not system-wide, right?


First you have to figure out, whether you have installed pyqt for python2(which is by default installation) or for “amri” project virtual environment. And check whether virtual environment inherits global environment if you have installed for global environment

— Yin I need a python.exe but can't find any to download,can anyone help me please


— Learn to Google first though

— If you can't evenndownpo the interpreter you don't have a bright future ahead of you

— Pss, guys who are interested in remote and long-term employment with a stack of -Django, Angular2 + / ReactJS, Vue.js?
Write me.
All peace✌️

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— Any good resource for lib curses with python3... Article, book? Not lib UniCurses.

— pythonres

— Guys can i use python for machine learning by only knowing the basics?

— Learning not only the basics

— Begin with math