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November 2018

— We have done it. Is strange that in some computers work and in other ones it does not work even in a one Win 10

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Write program in Python in the programming language, indicating that any amount of unredeemed amount of money exceeding 7 cents can be accumulated with a sum of 3 and 5 sum.

— What isnt possible.

— That is normal actually. If you double click it executes.

— They opened

— What's the issue

— It's just shit for debugging since it instantly exits

— I will give presentation about deep learning so I am searching materials and notes.

Can anyone share the best notes or links so that I can get prepare my topic?
My email id is you can send notes or links to me.

Thanks in advance for helping. #deeplearning

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— Can anyone help me with how to find the common multiples between some set of integers????

— Hello I am a beginner how can I learn python

— Read the pin message

— This??