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November 2018

— Seems like ur doing it from ur mobile


Anil Yadav:
Anil Yadav:
Anil Yadav:
I will give presentation about deep learning so I am searching materials. Can anyone share the best notes or links so that I can get prepare my topic?
My email id is you can send notes or links to me

— Please

— Please send deep learning notes in my email id

— When i am using gthe same command in the cmd it is showing as "pip is not recognise as an internal or external command"

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— Thanks in advance for helping

— Probably you will get lots of pr0n

— Then check python path

— Try: py -m pip install numpy

— Raver, it is not working. I think I have some issues in python path

— Probably.

— Why not installing anaconda that has it there and lot more?