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November 2018

— Now that's an unhelpful error


Mike, [22.11.18 15:36]
it's working if i'm doing cur.execute(sql, ('1544', line.rstrip()) without the main loop 'while'

— Maybe have a time.sleep in between ?

— Time.sleep(3) ?

— Probably 0.5 should do it too

— Maybe the wires are too fast

— I never used MySQL in Python though, so Im Just randomly guessing

— What is unconsumed column names sqlalchemy? i dont know why i get this error

— I resolved it. I closed 'conn.close()' in loop. I should not do it. All I need is

except IndextError:

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— Do someone ever created an slackbot? how to make it answer only in specific channels?

— What you can hack a website... For me

— Oh right