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November 2018

— By writing an AI recognizing sarcasm


Hey, I just installing new virtualenv in my machine and I want to add that environment to my jupyter kernel, I know I have to install ipyterken inside the virtualenv in order to add this environment to my jupyter. But you know some time it sucks when I make new environment and have to install ipykernel inside that. Do you know how to install new kernel without install ipykernel inside the environment? it is like install ipykernel on your system once and use that for every virtualenv you made

— How
I have to output Hello [there] through console.log and return a value

— Help mr

— I can do it with system.out.println() and document.write() but can't do it with console.log()

— Is there a similar project, Encrypt a database?

— This is a python channel

— So u can't help me?

— Hey ppl !! I have got big opps for pythonistes in Italy ! If interested lemme kno. Luca

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— I have a doubt

— Wich IDE is best for python