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November 2018

— Try and except


Yeah.. the if self.ignore_markdown: will trigger the bool and return the bool for content_markup (checks if the text has markup format)

— If is True return false

— Looks like its finding a foreign language caharacter, maybe check the encoding?

— The same with the html one

— It founds ë in input XML stream. It is known beast (, so nothing wrong with it. I would like it to be converted to appropriate Unicode code.

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— Encoding then

— Encoding is specified in the input file as for every valid XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

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— Why don't you just use not()

— not(starts_with or ignore_markdown or ignore_html or any(words in message.reply_to_message.text for words in self.words))

Like this?

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— Not is not function)

— Uh? Then how to use it? Without pharanteses?