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November 2018

— If you want it to be True being all your variables True:

if this and that and those:


What I need is this:

i have a function that takes as args only strings if there just a one word and a list for multiple words.

Now I want to run the check for each arg

— class _ReplyTo(BaseFilter): def __init__(self, words, starts_with=False, ignore_markdown=False, ignore_html=False): self.words = words = 'CustomFilters.reply_to_text({})'.format(self.words)
self.starts_with = starts_with
self.ignore_markdown = ignore_markdown
self.ignore_html = ignore_htm
def filter(self, message: Message):
rep_msg = message.reply_to_message

if len(list(self.words)) > 1 and not isinstance(self.words, list):
elif rep_msg and rep_msg.text:
return bool(any(words in message.reply_to_message.text for words in self.words))

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