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November 2018

— Actually there are two series not one


Need a Java developer who wants to be part-time or full-time trainer in a Banglore based training centre

— Must be from Bangalore

— Hi python community. I have a problem:

favorite_language = 'python '
print (favorite_language)

According to the book that I am reading should appear python spaced on the right side and is not that what happens someone can explain why?

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— Desktop reading obd2 via ELM, using a Arduino ECU simulator

— Try a file: URL with #egg=

— Dict + zip

— I think you are spaced

— Change the space to smthg different like * to see if the space appeared or try to concatenate it to another string and see.. print(favorite_language + 'language')

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— In the book the result is: 'python '
In my program is just - python

— Author of this book just loves ' ' . Correct result is anyway python

— Thanks, i will see what the result.