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November 2018

— Plz give this group link


Hello, i writing small script. I make requests to this script with link like that
I do not know how many requests will be
If new requests are not arrive (60 seconds from last request) i need to get post request to some link. Why my code does not work?
Thats a link to them

— At last i make a antivirus in python

— I think what the while true cycle are not runniing after flask server starts

— Hi everyone
I have a question
How can i create telegram music bot with python
Where should i start from?

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— Yay it works :)

— 👍

— Hi admin

— Can u please help me 🙂

— Let me 🦆 DuckDuckGo that for you:
🔎 make a bot with python

— Thank u so much
Can i create music bot ?
Not just a bot
I need music bot

— Coding it.