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November 2018

— I’m not learning from a book, I am taking courses and reading material online


If you know how to code you can just learn the basics like syntax and then start taking part in competitions and build projects that you have done in other language. You will get the grasp in python too eventually

— I already bought a udemy course and also tried reading PDF. Didn't work out well. So that's why I'm thinking to get going with a book and then continue with online material

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— PYTHON CRASH COURSE from No starch Press

— Better than LPTHW

— I don’t know about udemy. If you are new to programming then you can just take Michigan university’s course on coursera. They have taught from the basics there

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— Is that online course?

— Yes on coursera and I think it’s available for audit too that means you don’t have to pay for the certificate you can just learn from the material by taking course

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— Brother, suggest me any paperback I'll get that .

— 👍👍

— Udemy is application which provides online certificate and courses

— Python Crash Course