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November 2018

— Because now any Kid is now able to do that


I solved the previous problem. Now

I am trying to compile the .py file for exe .... I am using pyinstaller ... I am trying to run the file generated in win7 win10, but the following msg: Program too big to fit in memory!

— Dell

— It has high level abstraction and has C/Fortran bindings

— So code is fast and readable

— Any reason for choosing dell

— This chat is not for this discussion. Dell is common chose for programming afaik

— Because the only language that can be profitably used in that sector is C++, but since it is a complicated language by itself..

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— Ok

— What do you see?

— Maths right

— And what languages out there are implemented for math

python is only for those who uses a shitty framework

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