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November 2018

— Hi guys, a question, i am use sqlAlchemy to make a table but, is it possible to use uniquecontrains with variable instead a list of string?, i say... UniqueConstraint(variable) instead of UniqueConstraint('abc', 'def'), Im so newbie, thanks

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Does Tkinter support running on Android?I have found a lot of information,include its homepage but nothing help.

— Why do not you try? It will not cost you a lot of time, create small app using tkinter and install it on your phone

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— Sounds good,Tks

— Https://

— I have done it for first sample input..

— Can someone help in remaining inputs

— Did any 1 get this?

— Hello guys
I have a problem in my code, can someone help me

— Sure

— Send the code, if it’s short in triple backticks, if it’s long in a hastebin

— Moment, I'll send the code