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November 2018

— No problem


I just confused,what should i do to downloads file from external url i cannot find function about this

— I've never used a bot API but I guess that's going to need to be handled externally as well

— As in there's an URL, you touch on it and it opens the web browser to download

— I might be wrong, but people in the group can help you out

— Okay sir,
I'll try other way to solved my issue

— Can anyone tell me that in Python tkinter how I implement multiple windows in a container with the help of different files ??

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— Thanks a lot 😊😊😊

— Who know how execute my virtualenv from my file python

— Many ways to do that, but I'd appreciate if you google "How to activate virtualenv from a python script" :)

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— HINT: os module or subprocess

— M new to python , what should I learn after python for web development