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November 2018

— Not begging only asking if anyone is familiar with pyopengl


If no one answered it's because:
1) no one wants to
2) your question can't be understood
3) you're asking for some specific library/issue not everyone use (yet)
4) it can be solved using google
5) the one who can answer is still sleeping

— Learn javascript

— Wym mate, care to explain so it would have some learning value for the newbies?

— I guess he has to make an ajax request and update the text of the html (?)

— Why do u suggest learning Javascript over python considering this matter

— Because its web programming client side.

— Javascript is used in browsers, so you can combine javascript in the front-end web app, and use python in the back-end part, so you can have a nice web application that makes magic things

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— Thanks! This is great stuff since there is alot of people who read and learn here :)

— When should I use list comprehensions?

— You can use it to avoid for loops that use append

— Just want to ask, should I post here or in offtopic a free server 50GB + domain 1 year free (is not related to me just for you guys), It could also be considered as offtopic or not for Django

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