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November 2018

— Anyone build an altcoin or blockchain on python ?


Hello all, any one working on selenium webdriver testing using pytest? Pls share book link or material link. Thanks.

— Why didn't u just google "selenium pytest examples" ?

— In the code the teapot is exactly of same size as of aruco marker if marker near to laptop but the if take marker away from screen the pot covers the whole pyopengl screen . what changes should i have to make so that the teapot will remain only on aruco marker

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— Can anyone tell how to use anaconda 3

— Anyone ????

— Hi what

— Hello guys, I know how to read text file and print the output in Django. But when change the content of the text file I have to refresh the page to see the latest changes. I want to see the latest changes without page refreshing and the same time.

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— Goto Django group .

— He already did

— 😅

— Need help with pyopen gl