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November 2018

— God.. im really tired of workarounds


Anyone who worked with pylast? I want to extract the last 4 songs a user listened but I get just one

max_results is equal with 4

def get_recents(self, max_results):
recents = self.user.get_recent_tracks(max_results)
for song in recents:
return str(song.track)

— Every fucking time i think its done, there comes the creature asking for one more feature

— Take it easy

— I've been coding for more than 4 days

— Well stackoverflow then 😂 haven't used the website like in 2 months

— English only.

— Sorry

— >nothing except respect
>doesnt respect the rules

— Anyone here used pyREtic Framework?

— I'm trying to use it but don't know how to execute it. Downloaded entire repo and it has 2 .py files, all two give me syntax error

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