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November 2018

— And you think that would improve things?


I need to take information from API main problem API client in wsdl.
I install lib sudo and after using lib i got Service Prefixes Ports Methods Types list I find needed method which should return me needed data! ->

GetKeyListByTin(getKeyListByTinArgument argument)

I use
GetKeyListByTin = client.factory.create('getKeyListByTinArgument')
and this return me
username = None
password = None
timeStamp = None
tin = None
Question: how can i make request for this method?

— Wsdl sudo client

— I try to make

result = client.service.GetKeyListByTin(username=user, password=passwd, timeStamp=time, tin=tin)

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— I got this

TypeError: GetKeyListByTin() got an unexpected keyword argument 'username'

— +1

— Ur joking

— No

— Ok

— Use one of those argument objects

— For example tin, did you mean? If yes ->

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'promotePrefixes'
i got this

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— Filled in, obviously