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November 2018

— I'll keep trying


Ok, now stop talking non sense, we already told you: bfsoup4, requests and insta token, what else you need? being spoonfed?

— Just read about IG API (btw I think that many ppl said that is a mess) and with beautiful soup4 u are ready

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— What do you think is better to learn pyqt5 or tkinter? (As I know they are for GUI in case that they are not for the same just tell me)

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— They're pretty much the same

— Tkinter is outdated I heard

— Pyside2

— Wat

— Thats like saying dos and windows are the same

— Ehem: "Pretty much the same"

— They are made by a single

— So happy feet and mad max are pretty much the same because they have the same director ?