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November 2018

— Something like sublime or atom is kinda subtle for beginners in python.


If i have

def __init__(data, user):

Do i need to use = function(data) or just id = function(data) to use it in a future def of that class?

— I'm c)onfuse

— Dont suggest that


— Else its just scoped inside the function

— Oki thanks

— I started with sublime

— Even I am also a beginner

— IDLE is horrible for beginners

— I have not tried it

— From the Wikipedia article about Iddle:

IDLE has been criticized for various usability issues, including losing focus, lack of copying to clipboard feature, lack of line numbering options, and general user interface design; it has been called a "disposable" IDE, because users frequently move on to a more advanced IDE as they gain experience.

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