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November 2018

— Do you can send learning python programming - book- pdf


Choice for learning one(or some) book(s) from couple of them in the book channel linked in the pinned message.

— Can anyone please solve the Issue!topic/networkx-discuss/Gcd4IeRBxNI

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— Hi iam working on webscraping and iam stuck here, i have to add each element from rating list as last element in movie_database list pls help, thanks:)

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— Movie_database is list of list

I tried using for loop like
For i rating:


Its not working:/

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— Please send your python code 😊

— This is crap, paste your code on hatebin

— Thanks , i did it

— Hi,guys

— Fuck

— Moviedatabase[k].append(I)

— Bracket maatu