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November 2018

— Don't spam the chat, write the whole message at once


I want this program above to put it in an if statemant so to call its lests say gdrive and the to have my routin like if gdrive etc etc else etc

— Sorry stupid habbit

— Https:// use this pattern to change procedural tkinter code to oop

— So the class opens "class Gui: "

— And closes with

— ?

— Nothing

— Ok thanks all i will try and report

— I'm always impressed how you people can decode random strings of (almost) words

— You are probable german so you are from a better mankind

— Hi 🙂 I have a problem. Maybe some can help me 😄. I have to call a function from list but the function in the list needs the dictionary data as a parameter to work. I know how to call the function from the list but I can't get it to work with the dictionary. Does anyone know how to fix this 🙂.

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