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November 2018

— What do you mean?


Hello sir im newbie user from python and i have ide to create looping like this

1. Loop1 3. Loop3
2. Loop2 4. Loop4

I didn't have example code from this,how can i get output like that

— Oh

— If u say a=None

— I will try this then

— Single window sucks though

— What should i do to get output like that

— And after that u do an if statement on if a is None you will get ur value

— Can't even pop out the output or terminal on a second screen

— We don't do your homework

— None is None is True


>>> def get_id(id):
... if id < 10:
... return id
... else:
... return None
>>> get_id(5)
>>> get_id(20)
>>> if get_id(20) is None:
... print("None")

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