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November 2018

— U can use sublime py


I want to build a simple scheduling service. Basically, it would receive input from scripts or users, decide which function to render based on the input, schedule the functions according to some rules, and return output of functions to users. What I got from googling a bit is that Twisted is the way to go. However the book “Twisted Networking Programming Essentials” which looked the most relevant, focuses mostly on http communication, without going that much into event driven programming. So 1) can anyone recommend a better learning resource? and 2) is there maybe another Python library better suited for what I want to do?

— U know it.

— No, I don't. I use VS Code and I am not a Microsoft developer.

— Let's talk about it in offtopic

— I updated it.👆

— Use a CI server

— Thanks. Any advice on which library I could use? The only thing coming up on google search are readymade services like TravisCI.

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— There's plenty of systems, Jenkins gocd...

— Also a few python ones

— So i have a code that returns None but when i use:

if that is None
print('Is none')
elif that is this:
print('Is this')
print('Is that

But it doesn't print Is none... It goes directly to the elif/else why?

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— def get_user_fm(user_id):
data = SESSION.query(last_fm).get(user_id)
if data:
return data
return None

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