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November 2018

— Is like asking "what should i use and umbrella or a coat"


I just created an calculator using python3. 6 tkinter.
Now I want to make an executable. So which is better py2exe or cz_freeze


— Why you just spam stuff, read the rules please

— Try py2exe

— And if something fails try cz_freeze

— Okh

— It's better that you switch to other programming language, better now than later

— Why

— Why would you want to make a .exe knowing that Python is an interpreted language and you simply have to distribute the .py file to have your script running? (some setup.cfg will be enough for requirements if it's a big project)
.exe will close it only for a single OS, while keeping the .py will work for many more OSes

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— Despite the fact that you will need to package a whole embedded interpreter in the .exe file, increasing the file size unnecessary

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— Yes