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November 2018

— That why copy pasting is wrong, you cant understand the logic just by copy pasting and expecting to work

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You mean Professional instead of Premium right?
and yes if you really use all the professional features and integrations; if you use only the "text editor" for code completion, syntax highlighting and little other things, better use a simple text editor for that

— Anyone have tips to improve postgresql performance

— Eg:
exprsn= x-(p+q)+(y-a)


Please someone guide how to solve this

— I dont even understand what you're trying to do

— I should give input as x-(p+q)+(y-a)
And I should get x-p-q+y-a

— I should use + and +,- and +, + and -, - and - operators

— Whats your code so far?

— Check rules, dont just spam your code please

— What should i use...
Py2exe or cz_freeze in python 3.6

— What you should use for what?

— Is like asking "what should i use and umbrella or a coat"