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November 2018

— Here's the backlog


This is NOT hard, 1st write it in english: several digits optionally followed by a dash and several digits, and more of the same after a comma, endless times

— Now write the regex, covering each part of the sentence

— \d+(-\d+)?(,\d+(-\d+)?)* ezpz

— Wasn't that hard to scroll back, really

— Thank you for an option, but why it's better? My regex does the job. Any caveats?

— And it's simplier

— Hi everyone! which python lib I should to use to make send whatsapp message from number1 to another number2 ? I am not talking about selenium

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— I want to import this some code in my django project to send verification code

— And I don't have any idea, I've just tried Twilio and yowsup

— Doesn't work correctly in my case

— You need some sms api