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November 2018

— Why testing? 3.7 was released as stable and ready to use some time ago


Sorry, I have a question. I’ve been trying to figure out “match_rule” for a couple of days. I’m doing Data Camp and they have no information. I’m 12 trying to learn python.

— I mean the features

— I think you cant read the atmosphere man.

— Ohlin:
Hello guys,
I have a question.
How can I print arabic text using python?
When i print simple arabic sentence i get a mess of alphabets

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— Have u tried printing it backwards ?

— Because arabic is written right to left

— Check this out

— Testing = trying out

— Hi, everyone. I have a function. How can I do that better?

— You can explain what is your function expected to return and what is reasoning in your code

— Use enumerate