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November 2018

— Hello, Is anybody use gspread lib for Python? I have APIError and don't know how to catch it.


Do you know thr profile of the asker. You must know the person before suggesting a hard path. Imagine the case of someome that doesnt have now the time or the energy to deal with that box of.nails that you recommend. To get people interested in programmkng its bettwr to give them languages in which you can build things easier.

— I want to use beautiful soup for web scraping..does it supports for page navigation??

— I know how to use selenium for page navigation..if anyone knows about beautiful soup please help me..

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— Ping me

— :(

— Hello I am find who can fix my script who can help me?

— I ill pay.

— No

— Learn

— Can you guide me to the Python course that you recommend ?

— Pinned post ^^