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November 2018

— Yes


People have a problem in programming recommending studying with boxes of nails (like c) even if they are not gonna follow the learning process, people may get "hurt"

— Whatsapp and viber have no free api. Better try to use telegram, because their api is free

— And much simpler

— When you are a newbie, you have no need of dealing with shit. Even if its the basis, its too complicated.

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— No it is not - even in the c class langs algol is the ancestor

— People shouldnt do that if not followed closely by a mentor. And it seems that he is sololearning. A lot of people is doing that. Its irresponsible i would say to recommend starting with C.

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— I want to use my phone number like sender

— And it will be like really user, then I can send message to numbers in my collection

— Ok

— ?

— If you do not have a chance to pay for whatsapp api, you can create smth like user's emulator, which will do the same as you (it will open account, will send message etc). But it's not a good idea (from developing point of view). And you will have issues with this way, because after any update of the app, it's possible your emulator will not work

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