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November 2018

— How many of you using solo learn app?


Dont listen to the c guy, python is good and simple. I recommend both python or javascript to learn. After that gwtting to Java or C++ also will get you more opportunities of getting jobs. But you may learn C when youve dealt with some programming if you got enough time to learn. Dont get too frustrated. Cheers. :)

— Yes

— People have a problem in programming recommending studying with boxes of nails (like c) even if they are not gonna follow the learning process, people may get "hurt"

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— Whatsapp and viber have no free api. Better try to use telegram, because their api is free

— And much simpler

— When you are a newbie, you have no need of dealing with shit. Even if its the basis, its too complicated.

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— No it is not - even in the c class langs algol is the ancestor

— People shouldnt do that if not followed closely by a mentor. And it seems that he is sololearning. A lot of people is doing that. Its irresponsible i would say to recommend starting with C.

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— I want to use my phone number like sender

— And it will be like really user, then I can send message to numbers in my collection

— Ok