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November 2018

— This chat is a really waste of time, if you have a question... you will have DAVID (or any other) there to ban you. That socks... I have read 100 msgs, none of them about python

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We arent the ones that ask dumb questions, also you are not entitled to anything, and lastly thats not my handler, if you want to continue further discussion go to offtopic or keep spamming a python chat with your offtopic posts and be warned

— ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— One person was banned for not following the rules and the other for constantly going off topic, don't act like they were banned just for fun

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— He has poor english, maybe he doesnt understand what happened

— Also I'll probably clean this up later

— Hi

— Nice socks :3

— Next time i will write socks instead of sockets. 😂

— Any one can help on a str manipulation ?

— Just make your quiestion

— Don't ask to ask