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November 2018

β€” Yes πŸ˜…


Sometimes, I fear to write here something because I don't want to spam this group (with 17345 members) with irrelevant questions and I'm not sure, if some of my questions are ''off-topic''.
I just tried to write something in the off-topic group, but it seems that the admins restricted me to write there (don't know why πŸ˜”)

β€” Check theres a time restriction thing

β€” Did you read the rules? new members are muted for 5 minutes so they can read rules

β€” Oh okay πŸ˜… Didn't read, thanks!

β€” So you deserve a ban!

β€” Guys any alternatives to databases?
I don't want to learn sql but it's not cool to create a simple db with words with txt either..

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β€” Okay, I read them now πŸ˜…πŸ‘ Mostly obvious things. Only ''no photos of code or your screen'' was a bit strange but acceptable

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β€” ?

β€” Ah ok

β€” It’s about library python

β€” Use sqlite3 and peewee