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November 2018

— If you want to hide ur python code, 1-let them interact with it remotely, like where you execute a script on a server and only hand them results or use pyinstaller

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Primarly because python is an interpreted language, think of it like this: if the user using it can’t read the code the interpreter won’t be able to read the code to interpret as well

— Any one have python library management system code

— Don’t u mean cms?

— Yes i am working a library there no software

— There’s a ton, just google “cms python”

— K thanks rajjix

— Maybe less than a ton, but there are many

— U mean django

— Hello! I m tring to migrate flask sqlalckemy, but instead I get info that there is no updates in schema, but I ve just added a new table! what s wrong?

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— Django is good yes

— What’s wrong with this?