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November 2018

— I'm asking if this is the right way. And if there's a better one. Which one


If you want your python script to start working whenever the PHP script writes to a DB, you can make you python to be listening to some signal, instead of making queries to a URL every second

— Ah great. Will dig into listening for signals with python 💪🏼

— Thanks for helping me

— I think that also 😂

— Thought this was right. But if I think through I get your point of python as frontend

— But I'm writing my own kind of backend with python right?

— This is not quite right

— That's not 100% accurate, that must work for very basic teaching, but not for real world software

— Explanation for managers

— No, your python script, in this case, is acting as a frontend for the PHP site

— Dumbass managrs