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November 2018

— Actually youtube-dl is a software made with Python


I only use php for insert into db. I know it's a backend. But you call the script frontend? The website is the frontend right? And php and python are backend. Not showing anything with python. Only Generating

— Think I will stick to my 24/7 running the script

— No... I guess you're having concepts problems

— I always learned it was a backend. Told all my friends that I'm running a backend script. No I have to tell them I lied

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— Yeah, your life were a lie then 🙄 better you read some IT books before

— I find it very difficult to communicate with people that are not willing to help but only want to prove their knowledge is greater than everyone else's. If I'm not aware of the faults I'm making you can correct me. How did you learn all your python? Also learning from other people right? Or everything with trial and error? I only asking if theres a better way. The answer I get is continue think about it. I wouldn't be here if I did that already.

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— The way is see it: website frontend. Php bridge to dB. Python backend

— Kind of wrong

— I'm asking if this is the right way. And if there's a better one. Which one

— If you want your python script to start working whenever the PHP script writes to a DB, you can make you python to be listening to some signal, instead of making queries to a URL every second

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— Ah great. Will dig into listening for signals with python 💪🏼