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November 2018

— Cause there is no relevant diff


So different types of importing is just a question of namespaces? There's no difference in memory consuming?

— You seemingly lack a basic understanding how binaries are started in an OS

— So you like to ask the same q which was just answered? for what?

— Just to be sure

— No. yes.

— Ok

— Hey I want to push an app with jupyter notebook
Any idea how to start it ?
I mean any startup command in Procfile?

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— Push a jupyter notebook in cf

— Repeat that with sense added?

— Please I need help with google sheets. I can read the content of a google sheet using requests:

-url = "****************/values/Hoja1!A1:B1?key=*********************"
-r = requests.get(url)

But I can not edit it with this method although I pass the credentianls:

-url = "**********/values/Sheet1!A1:D5?valueInputOption=USER_ENTERED?key=************?client_id=********?client_secret=*************
-r = requests.get(url)

I get this authentification error:

{u'error': {u'status': u'UNAUTHENTICATED', u'message': u'Request is missing required authentication credential. Expected OAuth 2 access token, login cookie or other valid authentication credential.

Any help is appreciatted, thanks. If you want send me a private message.

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— Just reinstall the OS