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November 2018

— Rethink about it, and ask again, please


Need to take .exe file code and run this code inside the Python script. example:
The virus has blocked taskmgr (it closes). Need to run the taskmgr code inside the python script. That tskmgr was not in the running processes.

— ??

— Python Tutorials 13/11/2018

1. Write a Python program which accepts the user’s first and last name and print them in reverse order with a space between them

2. Write a Python program to print the calendar of a given month and year.
Note : Use ’calendar’ module.

3. write the Python script to find the sum of digits of a given number

4. Write a Python program to calculate number of days between two dates

5. Write a Python program to check if a given key already exists in a dictionary

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— How to do this

— Good question, what have you tried?

— I have not tried anything

— What's with this example? It doesn't give me a clue of what you want to do

— Then try something, and when you're stuck, come back. We are not here to solve your problems.

— Sir told to do tomorrow in lab

— Oh, so it's homework. We don't do homeworks, sorry.

— Kk