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November 2018

— Define "aspect"


Sorry, I didn't want to say it that way, wasn't my intention, maybe I didnt take the suitable words, It just seemed strange to me that nobody would have made the same mistake

— I'm looking for a module in python to do dashboard, know some, research and find two, bokeh and plotly, do you know about anyone ?

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— Dash

— Take a look

— Those are both plotting libs

— If you want to build a dashboard of them, use bowtie

— Or otherwise pyxley or grafanalib

— How to make correct startswith?

— I use

if str.startswith('testing'):
send('this is test')

this is test
this is test

but i wanna make that respond to 'testing' only
How to fix it?

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— How are you doing it wrong?

— Don't use starswith 🤷🏻‍♂