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July 2019

β€” Or boy rather


Express is your webserver whereas vue is a frontend framework. It has features to manipulate the Document Object Model. It gives frontend a modular structure and you can customize pretty much anything

β€” Deepika hereπŸ˜‡

β€” I can't figure out what the gender is sorry :)

β€” πŸ€¦β€β™€

β€” Uhm,, that's lovely. Haven't work with any frontend framework except bootstrap

β€” Is that even a framework haha

β€” Yes you might call it that but it's more of a design framework.

β€” Vuejs is fairly easy to setup too just need one js file to be included.

β€” Correct. I basically use it to layout my work especially when creating dashboard with d3js

β€” In production you would use some kind of a folder structure with a webserver in place but to you can try it on local very easily

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β€” Yes. D3js is a nice choice