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July 2019

— Surely you can......There is js framework called React Native developed by Facebook......This framework is solely developed to create mobile app using javascript.

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Every dyanamic website needs to have javascript. so basically without javascript we can only build static sites.

— Ionic !

— How can I use flask with Firebase any documentation ?

— Several ES2019 Features You Can Use Today

A brief look at Object.fromEntries, trimStart, trimEnd, flat, flatMap, and more. -

#javascript #es2019

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— Every web app

— Why is that not a constructor ?

function airplane() {
this.mission = 'secret'
this.airplane = new germanAirplane(this.mission)

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— Because it's not used as a constructor

— THank you

— YoU aRe WeLcOME🤤

— I have another question im sitting on it since yesterday and the whole day today and i dont know why js behaves that way:

Im working on a telegram bot. Everything is working fine but the file is getting large. Because of that i want to split the bot into diffrent java files one for admin one for 8ball etc.

Now to inizialize the bot i use that:

let myCoolBot = new TelegramBot(botToken, {polling:true});

when i export the variable myCoolBot and use it in my other file like this

eightBallBot = myCoolBot;

i get TypeError: Cannot read property 'onText' of undefined

When i look into the debugger i see that let myCoolBot = new TelegramBot(botToken, {polling:true}); is undefined.

How can i define it to something that isnt undefined or null ?

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— I am kinda stuck here pls...