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July 2019

— Try (180/Math.PI)*Math.atan(1)


I have little problem in Electron App. Can someone please help me! (Problem : DOM)
Please reply i will show you code!
Anybody please. Okay. I am retrieving data from MySQL and directly Loading result to HTML and then document.getElementByID('table').innerHTML = results; Its give me error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null
. Everytime!
Before run this query i already read .html file and then load it to the DOM

— Oh, crap i can't believe i forgot the conversion formula, my math teachers hv got to be disappointed, thx anyways

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— This is the code I used for form validation and the output is as shown

— There is some problem in displaying error messages

— If an error message displays once it never disappear even after correcting the data in the input field

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— Can anyone help me with this?

— 😕

— Add an event listener for input fields

— What you meant

— User click submit
If error > show error message
When user enter something, error message should disappear

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— How can I add event listener to input field?