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July 2019

— Ahhhhh :D Thanks now i got it


So as far as im concerned, a webworker wont really outsource the fetch in another thread but is prett y much just a proxy, and therefore better for computing stuff? still useful to me, but still not sure if im getting this right. any thoughts on this?

— Btw im not trying to build a pwa

— Just imporoving on performance

— What takes that long? The service to respond or the browser to process that data?

— Why would you want to fetch from a separate thread?

— Fetching is cheap

— Ok, yeah i guess that is true

— So then it mae smore sense to take the fetched data which is between 1-2mb and process that data to a webworker which in my case would process items fo rmy timeline

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— Yuupp

— Look at SharedArrayBuffer

— SharedArrayBuffer can be used from a separate thread without having to copy it over first