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July 2019

— In my experience it’s a good idea.
Responsive UI is a must.


How do you debug such a worker, as as i know requests via (axios in my case) beeing proxied automatically, but not in dev mode?

— I haven’t had experience with network requests inside the worker. My case was a really expensive function.

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— I think Chrome Developer tools have ways to listen for console events and attach a debugger to the worker

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— So the worker in my app is globally defined and i can call specific functions, or itself has eventhandlers for some fetches etc.

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— How can I take my step in Js as a leaner

— Why the last letter of let name is not getting displayed, it is showing undefined

— Anyone is active r8 nw

— That’s not the last letter. That’s the last + 1.

— Because arrays start in 0

— Got it

— Alert(d[h-1]) √
Alert(d[h]) undefeated x