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July 2019

— I think we ate a dog with tests, here..


I am not able to understand how to run python file from within JavaScript file...
I am using webpack as a module bundler

— Can anyone have idea on how to do that ?

— Difficult

— It's probably the easiest to just use a child process if it's node

— I am making a game in phaser 3 and when two object collides a modal pops up which has questions like McQ that's is generated automatically by script, I have successfully generated for JS script, on front end of phaser game, but in front end I don't think I can run python file in front end

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— So do I have request every time for server

— When the object collides ?

— If user has slow internet, it will delay the question load in modal

— It's like Mario game

— Have you checked Brython?

— Nope I haven't