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July 2019

— When done ill tell you



— Who can help create HTLM code that can display telegram group link on my blog please

— It's easy, Just copy invite link of your group and put it in anchor tag

— Where can I locate it please

— Click on the title of group and below description section you can find it

— Thx i get my stuff done

— Its work like à charme now

— How do you call props from a class to another class component?

— Please elaborate. Maybe this link will help you.

— Hey guys, on a front end app, can we manipulate basic setup of embedded YouTube videos. I am trying to achieve is to put a lock button on an embedded YouTube page, so that user click on it, an agreement popup comes and they can play the video only after they click on popup accept button

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— What if you put the lock button beforehand. And you embed the YouTube video after they accept?