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July 2019

— Yes.. I'm using datalist for dropdown effect.. And i want to allow the user to select multiple options

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Create something like a paragraph
Then a div, the div should have the check boxes
Set a drop down effect on the paragraph tag. Here the paragraph could be your head or title

— Someone in the group knows how it will be resolve.
I am using react-native crop-image-picker for uplaoding profile photo. It's working fine in iOS but when it's come to android in realase apk the photo which i am pick from gallery or camera that doesn't read but write the profile photo & in debuge apk it's working with read and write the profile photo.

Thanks in advance.

cropping: true,
width: 200,
height: 200,
includeExif: true,
}).then(image => {
var userId = this.props.userDetails.guid;
const source = { uri: image.path };
let formData = new FormData();
formData.append("avatar",{uri: image.path,name:"UserImage",type:'image/jpeg'});
}).catch(e =>

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— Can someone help me with electron spellChecker code because mine isn't working at al

— Hi! Did someone work with NIghtmareJS?

— Hello im indian and i are very stupid and I can't speak English at all and I can't even understand the simplest of the concepts

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— How you do http request

— Https://

— Nono im indian i no read documentation

— You should, and you can use

— Search for “fetch” in your language or use a translation service

— Nonono you don't get it