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June 2019

— Hi


I want JavaScript for addition of two numbers and i want it to run from browser console on right top of any website in small box

— Alright cool

— I haven't much experience, but you can't have the console in your page - unless you want to create/design your own console.
Apart from that I think you could do something like that..
Have a span or p tag.. Make it top=0, right=0 to put the display area at the top right of your page
Get the tag by id, and set the text to the computation, the addition of two numbers..

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— Hi , I made one anchor tag as a sticky that scroll to the bottom of the page on click By calculating the height of that bottom element class and put that height into window.scroll this works in all browsers except internet explorer any solution

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— What is "height of element class"? element has height, class has attributes

— You want to write the code on the console?

— Is this supposed to be a file??

— Learn

— Hello

— Hi

— Did you get the desired output? If you didn't get it than I will suggest you rather save it as a file with ".html" extension.. Put the code between script tag.. And open the file on the browser..
Also.. IMO, using JavaScript this isn't a good practice..

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