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June 2019

— Promises :) It'll be hard to orchestrate multiple callbacks to finish, unless you do everything in serial.

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const {promisify} = require('util')
const query = promisify(sql.query)

Vibe.queryVibe = async function() {
const [ total, fail, allToday, success ] = await Promise.all([
query(`Select count(*) as total from mfmbs.funds_transfer_transaction`,
query("SELECT count(*) as fail FROM mfmbs.funds_transfer_transaction where DATE(FTTRANTIME)=DATE(NOW()) and ERRMSG LIKE '%Core banking down%'",
query("SELECT count(*) as allToday FROM mfmbs.funds_transfer_transaction where DATE(FTTRANTIME)=DATE(NOW())",
query("SELECT count(*) as success FROM mfmbs.funds_transfer_transaction where DATE(FTTRANTIME)=DATE(NOW()) and FTRESULT='Success'",
return { total, fail, allToday, success }


— Also, keep your res and req objects out of your data retrieval level

— That belongs to the HTTP api only

— Https://

— How to refresh one of the 'div' in a page using jquery or javascript ...??

— Anyone can answer my question..??

— Maybe load() ?

— Https://

— Anyone good in NodeJs for backend interested in partnering with me on a project?

— Kindly DM. Thanks.

— SageTM please try the thehire if you are looking for a paid freelancer. If you want help on an open source project, just ask straight ahead

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